Pievienojies LNK Sporta Parka draudzīgajam kolektīvam un iesāc pavasari aktīvi!

On October 1, we celebrated a beautiful victory in the game against FK METTA! 

Hooray, October is off to a great start! We beat our opponents 6-0 in an intense battle. Emotions really ran high during the game - joy, shouts and cheers! 

Here are the brightest moments captured in photos!


FK RFS - FK SUPER NOVA / Salaspils as part of Optibet Virsliga.

RFS is not only one of the largest professional sports education institutions in the country, but also a football club that occupies an important place in the life of Latvian football.

In just less than two years, this territory has changed beyond recognition - squares have been created, spectator stands have been built and the rest of the park's infrastructure has also been built.

Football club RFS football players have just completed their first training session of the season on natural grass! Green, fresh, beautiful and ready to welcome players. In addition, the ball slides much faster on the new lawn! The summer season has officially begun

There is only a little left until LNK Sports Park celebrates its grand opening celebration.

Just a little more, and the first football training and games will be played on the natural lawns!